The Dome

Each of  our six domes offer all the comfort you can expect from a luxury lodge: 28 sqm bedroom, comfrotable bedding, private bathroom, with running hot water. Inside each dome, one discovers an inviting set-up: bespoke furniture crafted out of regional materials, bespoke textiles and a unique painting by Gastón Ugalde – internationally known as the Bolivian Andy Wahrol – set the tone in each suite. Decorative details also add a welcome twist to the interiors: state of the art bedding comes with a handmade woven blanket (in naturally dyed lama and alpaca wool), hot bottle cover and pair of cushions made and designed in La Paz by Andi’Art. On each side of the bed, handcrafted lamps are made out of reclaimed cactus wood, old water sieves or woven in straw.

In front of the bay window, a small table is sculpted out of Bolivian wood: next to it, is a rattan lounge chair and a low wooden stool. Small wooden trunks echo to the latticed wooden wall installed behind the bed to separate the shower and washroom from the room. A pellet stove delivers a comfortable temperature between 19 and 23°c.