The Lodge

In the remote corners of the world, an hour flight from la Paz, Bolivia offers some of the most exhilarating vistas: at 3660m high, the salar is one of them. On the immense salt flat, one journey takes you to another dimension: welcome to Kachi Lodge ! Set on a wooden platform near a cacti covered island, the six suites turn a stay on the altiplano into the most luxurious adventure. One where comfort and designed interiors meet the great outdoors: from the warmth of the dome-shaped suite, the salar unfolds like a mirror in the rainy season, or crystalline landscapes the rest of the year. At Kachi Lodge, the visionary mind-set of its founders – Amazing Escapes - pushes the boundaries of sustainable travels further: cutting edge green infrastructures, commitment to local culture and communities are a daily reality. Operational all year round, Kachi Lodge has teamed with the best in the region: unique food prepared by Bolivia’s most celebrated chef, one of a kind land art with Gastón Ugalde and an endless list of bespoke activities enhance every day at the lodge. Ready for a once in a lifetime adventure?

Composed of repeated equilateral triangles, the metallic structure is the very essence of mathematical elegance. Set up in a harmonious, rounded shape that echoes to local beliefs and cosmology, Kachi Lodge believes in a holistic approach. Staged by Swiss interior-decorator duo Marina Cardis and Marine Luginbuehl, the interiors convey a bohemian chic atmosphere: sourcing sustainable objects. In each dome, large bay windows offer panoramic views on the Salar and its star-studded sky. Lit up at night, they are one of the coolest, and most surrealist viewing station ever seen in the arid region. Lined up in the main dome, the same elements create the perfect lounge atmosphere: huge straw hanging-lamps, large sofas covered with dozens of stripped bayeta cushions and large reclaimed wooden furniture are all one needs to enjoy the salar’s endless vistas. At each end of the dome, Gastón Ugalde’s show stopping art works add a unique flair: two gigantic cactus woven sculptures personify local deities, while a green coloured figurative painting further welcomes the altiplano spirit.

Outside, the vast terrace welcomes wooden banquettes and coffee tables: an ideal set-up for a sunbath at 3600m high!