Artist Residence

The natural environment around Kachi Lodge is inspiring in many ways. The Salar is like a blank page inviting to creation. Beyond an exceptional place to stay, we also want to make Kachi Lodge a place of expression and exhibition featuring Bolivian and foreign artists. We are proud to start our first collaboration with Gaston Ugalde.

A celebrated international artist, Ulgade plays with all kinds of medium: photography, land art, installations using local textiles, carved out soft sculptures that mimic cactus forms and shaman spirits, his talent has no boundary. Uldage’s passion for the salar has been an on-going adventure for the past 50 years: he believes it is filled with countless spiritual meanings and is an endless, sacred place to be explored. Additionally, Ulgade has nurtured a one-of-a-kind relationship with the Jijira community – the village next to which the lodge is set up - for over 40 years. Whether Uldage invents an endless salt-staircase on the salar, or plays with coloured mirrors to reflect its immensity, the possibilities are infinite and bewildering. On demand, Gaston organizes art and photography master classes at Kachi. For any guest, it most probably the most thrilling, memorable experience one can live on the salar.

“We are very excited about our collaboration with Kachi Lodge which will feature site-specific works by renowned artist Gastón Ugalde whose roots are widely spread out across the vast Salar. Equally comfortable in all mediums, Gaston is best known for his practice in painting, sculpture, video art, print-making, photography installation, and Land-art and is constantly jumping from one to the other or combining them such as the case of his work in Photography which plays at the edges of performance and installation. Guests staying at Kachi will be able to experience the Salar through his eyes and will see what keeps bringing him back time after time.” 
Mariano Ugalde Director Salar Galería de Arte